BEYOND EVENTS UK LIMITED has a Privacy Policy which is in line with the current guidelines.

The Terms and Conditions detailed below apply to all entrants participating in an Event organised and Run by Beyond events. 1. Completion of an entry form, or purchase of any entry by event participants acknowledges the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the participant. 2. The participant is fully responsible for their actions whilst attending any event. This includes the event Centre and the event course itself. 3. Beyond Events does not accept responsibility for the actions of the participant, nor the consequences of such actions. 4. Each participant upon signing the registration form (if in person or on-line) agrees that they are physically and mentally capable of completing the Event route they have signed up to do. If during the event they decide to change their route, they do so at their own risk and must inform a member of the Beyond events team upon their return.The event registration form must be completed by a person aged 18 or over. Evidence of age may be requested. 5. Participants under the age of 18 will be allowed to participate in the event with the consent of a parent or guardian who must sign the event registration form on behalf of the under age participant. Signing is also acceptance for the actions and consequences of the under age participant. Anyone aged 18 or under needs to be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them. 6. The participant confirms that the kit they have chosen to wear during the event is suitable and worthy to complete the longest route irrelevant if this is the chosen route or not 7. During the events there will be warning signs at appropriate times throughout the route. Absence of these signs does not signal there are no dangers approaching and it’s the decision of the participant to decide whether to continue on a section or not. Due to the nature of the events, some of the terrain will be uneven or slippery. It is down to the participant to decide whether they will proceed on that section or not.Any marked route is shown for guidance only and Beyond Events does not insist that you use the route shown. Therefore, if the participant chooses to proceed on a section that isn't marked to avoid any obstacles or sections they believe are beyond their capabilities, they do so entirely at their own risk. 8. Beyond Events reserves the right to shorten or adjust the published route at any time. Participants do not have the right to claim a refund if the route has been shortened. 9. You should ensure you have an suitable level of insurance cover for the event you are you taking part in, examples of such would be cycle insurance or Kit insurance, we cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of property whilst taking part in any of our events. 10. Participants must be considerate to other users of roads, paths, bridle ways, footpaths or byways. Upon seeing other users, such as walkers or horse riders, participants are required to pass with care. 11. Cyclists should obey the highway code and all traffic laws where applicable. 12. Helmets must be worn if the entrant is taking part in an event that has a cycle section. 13. Each participant if fully responsible for any fees or cost incurred arising from an accident. This involves, but is not exclusive to police, air ambulance, fire and rescue and the ambulance service. If it arises that the participant is not able to make the decision to call the emergency services, they agree that a member of the Beyond Events team or a member of the public may call for them. In this incidence the participant still accepts the cost incurred and consequences of such actions. 14. Each participant agrees to assign and grant the right and give permission for Beyond Events to use and publish any photographs, films or video made or taken on any activity run by Beyond Events. The participant hereby releases Beyond Events from any and all liability from such use and promotion. The participant hereby authorises the reproduction, sale, copyright, exhibit, broadcast, electronic storage and distribution of said photograph or video without limitation at the discretion of Beyond Events. The participant specifically waives any right to compensation if they may have for appeared in any of the photographs or videos taken at an event run by Beyond events, IF YOU HAVE A CHILD ENTERING WITH YOU THEY MAY ALSO APPEAR IN SAID PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEOS, and you agree that they can appear in these images and videos that may be distributed On line, via appropriate media. 15. If the participant is unable to complete an event they agree to call or return to the event centre and report to a member of the Beyond Events team. 16. Entry fees cannot be refunded or exchanged under any circumstances. Beyond Events reserves the right to cancel any event due to extreme weather conditions. In such an event, each participants entry will be transferred to a rescheduled date, If a participant cannot make the new date, they can carry entry to another event, but not to a subsequent year. 17.You agree the Beyond events can contact you with regards this event with details about the event, start times, changes to routes and general updates. (GDPR compliant). 18. No refunds will be issued under any circumstances. Foreign travel 1. Things change that our out of the control of Beyond events, if things change will endeavor to inform you asap, however we cannot be held liable for such changes. 2. If Wars,civil uprising's,weather issues including tornado's prevent the trip from happening, out of pocket expenses such as , Accommodations, Vehicle hire, Deposits for guides etc, will not be returned to you, however any monies not spent will be returned less an admin fee of £100 per trip. 3. You must be physical fit to partake in the trips, if for any reason you can’t take part , no monies will be returned to you under any circumstances. 4. Deposits for all foreign trips are non-refundable, we are happy for you to try and sell your place to another participant as long as we are kept informed. 5. All foreign flights are your responsibility to book, we have no control over the flights, if for any reason you cant make your flight or if your airline cancels your flight and you cant make the meeting point, it is your responsibility to re book with another airline or to make alternative arrangements for travel. 6. From the minute you make a payment we are working to make the trip as enjoyable as possible, this means we start to spend money on all sorts of things, Hotel deposits, Booking of transport, Booking of breakfast etc in hotels, Ordering of cycle jerseys or T shirts (If applicable), this is also our job, so we have wages to pay etc, if you choose not to take out the event cover insurance this is a choice made by you, so no payments made will be returned to you, unless they haven't be used for the above. In this case we will return any unused payments less the deposit which is non refundable. 7.Please be aware that the itinerary, activities and hotels are subject to change. These changes can happen with little notice due to availability, poor weather, seasonal changes, or other circumstances beyond our control. From time to time we may also make changes to your itinerary to try out new ideas and keep things interesting.